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Our international shipping charge is US$ 30 for 1-4 Linotar items; US$ 60 for 5-8 Linotar items, etc. (Australia and New Zealand US$ 40 for 1-4 Linotar items and US$ 80 for 5-8 Linotar items, etc., respectively, due to higher DHL Worldwide Express remote location costs). Delivery usually takes 3 to 5 days. Local customs duties, other charges, or import taxes may apply that are outside our control.

Our shipping charge is calculated per set of four items (based on total weight), not per order. However, If you have one or more items in your shopping cart, there will be only one charge for shipping your order, which depends on the number of items. You can select the appropriate shipping charge in the pull-down menu.

All shipments will be boxed with protective packing and sent via DHL Worldwide Express from Johannesburg, South Africa. See to track your order with the tracking number given in your account after shipping took place.

Some exceptions to the shipping costs may apply due to large numbers, weight or zone (e.g. when you are located in a remote area) and may require a specific cost quote.

In case of questions please call our toll free (Canada and US) number: 1-888-604-4561


Tel: 1-888-604-4561
Fax: 1-604-648-8448

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