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Psoriasis is a chronic, unpredictable skin disease which appears in several forms. It may present itself as patches of red skin (erythema), dry, elevated areas of silvery scales (plaques), or blister-like drops (pustules). It is estimated that psoriasis affects over 7 million Americans and over 2% of the world population. The number of reported psoriasis cases increases by over 150,000 yearly.

The cause of psoriasis is unknown in spite of continuing research. It is believed that the immune system plays a part, and that it is hereditary. Although its symptoms can be treated, no known cure is currently available. Now Linotar offers psoriasis suffers real hope for symptom reduction, and even remission!

If one parent has psoriasis there is a 20% chance that their offspring will develop it. If both parents have psoriasis the chance for incidence rises to 60%.


The Linotar Treatment System has been developed to control the symptoms of psoriasis. The success of Linotar is based on a unique delivery system containing a base of essential fatty acids first identified from the skin of the banana. This unique base enhances the deep delivery of a low concentration of emulsified coal tar to the deepest layers of the skin with very effective results.

Linotar’s clinical efficacy seems to result from a unique delivery base which contains essential fatty acids originally identified from the skin of the common banana. It is thought that this lipid base enhances the deep delivery of the active ingredient, emulsified coal tar, to the basal or deepest layer of the epidermis.

There are no known side effects. Those allergic to coal tar should not use Linotar.

Linotar is virtually odorless. There is a slight coal tar odor which quickly dissipates.

It is recommended to be applied 3 times a day. The LinoCream Stabilizing Cream or LinoScalp leave-in Scalp Conditioner must be used in between treatments for dryness and itching.

Clinical trials at Boston University Medical Center show at least 80% of psoriasis sufferers have seen significant improvement.

Sunbathing is never allowed during treatment (nor the use of tanning beds). Coal tar is a photosensitizer. Despite a minimal coal tar content in Linotar, coal tar can render skin sun sensitive and cause sunburn easily.

No, there is no guarantee, however, our Helpline staff will monitor your care and assist you in any way possible during the use of Linotar.

Linotar is not recommended for pregnant women or breast feeding mothers.

Linotar may be used for the treatment of pustular psoriasis of soles of the feet and palms. Treatment of pustular psoriasis on the body requires constant medical supervision- consult your physician.

Depending on the nature of the medication, you should consult your physician or our Help Line prior to discontinuing any medication. A 7-10 day period between discontinuing use of present medication and commencing Linotar is advised.

The short answer is yes, but we have to point out that the chemicals used may exacerbate psoriasis.

Although rare – this can happen, roots and color of hair can temporarily be discolored.

There is no evidence that permanent discoloration of the skin will take place.

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