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an Emzaloid
An Emzaloid

Meyer Zall Laboratories Emzaloid Delivery System

Meyer Zall Laboratories developed the Emzaloid™ “Biomaterial Active Ingredient Delivery System”. The MZL Emzaloid™ Technology is a patented trans dermal drug delivery system comprising of a unique submicron emulsion type formulation capable of encapsulating various drugs and delivering these with high efficacy to target sites in the body. The size, shape and clustering of Emzaloid™ in “sponges” and in so-called “depots” can be controlled and reproduced through mechanical composition and other means. The absorption capabilities of the Emzaloid™ can be controlled in this manner.

The encapsulation of actives within the Emzaloid™ Technology creates a safer and more effective formulation than one involving the said active alone.

Whilst there are many existing delivery system technologies such as lipids or viral vectors, the Emzaloid™ Technology is unique among these in that it is comprised of essential substances which are natural ingredients of the human body. These substances are treated in a special manner which may afford significant advantages over other delivery systems. Emzaloid™ is significantly different from liposome and nanosome delivery systems.

Since the very beginning, the effectiveness of the topical Linotar / Exorex product was beyond reasonable expectations and it displayed an exceedingly high rate of successful treatment. Linotar / Exorex contains the active agent coal tar which is commonly used in the treatment of Psoriasis. This led the scientists to realise that the Linotar / Exorex formulation was more than simply a new generation cosmetically acceptable coal tar product.


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Exorex / Linotar trans dermal carrier:

Clinical Success

  • Clinical experience has shown that Exorex® (Linotar®) is a safe, effective and cosmetically acceptable treatment for psoriasis.
  • More than 700 patients have been enrolled in controlled clinical trials.
  • There has been more than 16 million patient days of usage over the last 9 years.
  • The unique delivery system ensures an effective transdermal carrier of coal tar.
  • Exorex® (Linotar®) is approved in more than 10 countries around the world.




Linotar / Key Benefits

The Linotar® Range Treatment System has been especially developed to control the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.

The success of Linotar® is based on a unique trans dermal delivery system containing a mixture of natural essential fatty acids first identified from the skin of the banana.

This unique base:

      • Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and enhances the deep delivery of a low concentration of emulsified coal tar to the deepest layers of the skin with very effective results.

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8 Key benefits:

  1. Clinically proven to control the symptoms of psoriasis.
  2. Easily applied and quickly absorbed into the skin.
  3. Colorless and virtually odorless after proper application.
  4. Contains NO cortisones.
  5. NO side-effects observed as are often associated with other treatments.
  6. Will not stain clothing when properly applied.
  7. No evidence that resistance to the product occurs.
  8. The full range of Linotar® Gel 1% and the compatible Linocream® Moisturising Cream and Linoscalp® leave-in Scalp Conditioner ensures a complete body treatment.

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